The Estate of Anonymous is a narrative development program based on a study of art as narrative, conducted by Carlos Miranda (Malaga, 1971) started in 1999. In this program, he displays a series of related heteronyms (Anonymous, Polaroid Star or even himself, Carlos Miranda) in a meta-artistic game of confused roles, functions and disciplines (the unproductive author, the critic-curator, the author as translator of images...) questioning the structure of production and the social emergence of the artistic work as we know it today, speaking primarily about the destruction of the being in its everyday life, and more specifically, about the fictional structures that make us up-- storybook characters who are being constantly created in order to interpret and explain the happenings in our lives. Thus, the program examines different narrative possibilities that may be established through word and plastic image. Hence the constant interrelation established between the characters and the concrete presence in each display of the real results of their fictitious actions. In this way, The Estate of Anonymous, in exploring this concrete production promoting pathway to fictionalize artwork itself, discovers a fertile work area in its means of narration leading to the successive chapters of this project. While deconstructive criticism of artwork is the main focus of analysis for the initial project, translations, the analysis goes on to examine the expressive possibilities of the story as spatial narration, the very topic to be explored in the subsequent project productions.


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