The Estate of Anonymous (Translation IV)

Imprimerie des mots

This poster series making up chapter four of the project serves to decontextualize the concept of estate, taking on the perspective of a heritage–the social future of our times- presented in the form of abandoned territories, wastelands, vacant lots or plots - once again, creating story breaks – creating a nostalgic and documentary-like state with its sepia-coloured, stamped photography sealed with The Estate of Anonymous. A reversal of the promise that "everything that you can see will be yours one day," whose meaning here is void of tangible value, as is the work itself, whose component pieces are offered, free of charge, to the exhibit spectators. The press marks on these posters reveal the locations of the Polaroid Star texts in the claustrophilic existence of Anonymous, from the eroticism of Oran in the memory of a worn-torn country exile to a street containing the recurrent parrot icon, offering senseless meaning.


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