The Estate of Anonymous (Translation I)


This first chapter of The Estate of Anonymous program is a sort of declaration of principles regarding the methods and interests adopted in regards to the selected work area. Therefore, the consideration of story as fundamental element in the representation implies both a marked "literaturisation" of the project as well as the strong narrative component in the visual production of the same, examining everything from the choice of book covers to the adoption of Baroque altarpieces as plastic art installations, using the example of photographic sequences or direct quotes from art history, literature, or comics. In this way, the use of text is particularly significant […], and with Polaroid Star, it lends credibility to the Anonymous figure as the argumentative base of the entire process and to Carlos Miranda as translator of the images of his ideas. In this initial program phase threads already appear which will continue across future chapters, such as the interest in the linguistic level of the representation, the recurrence of significant forms (the arabesque, the parrot's talk), the opposition/confusion of text and image, the fragmentation of the visual continuity of the reading –with large blank spaces (breaks) in opposition to the high figurative concentration in the occupied spaces- or, particularly, the referral to an absence. Thus the exhibition's title, making reference to the absent individual whose quotes we are reading: those existing are indicators of a story that is always somewhere else.


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