The Estate of Anonymous (Translation VI)

Tinta de furacão

An instalation by Carlos Miranda based on recordings by Polaroid Star
Examination of spatial narration possibilities come together in this sixth chapter, suggesting sequence based on assimilation of the language of graphic narration, comics. In this way, the general program strategy continues, now looking at language movement: from the quick reading plans of the comic (close-ups, medium planes, the reading of dialogue balloons) to the wide angle shots of the pictorial tradition with the subsequent elimination of text in the vignettes-boxes presented here. Thus, through a series of large vignettes looking at graphic and argumentative characterization of distinct characters and situations making up Anonymous' fragmentary narration, this project makes reference to the metamorphic configuration of the author's environment, in an existential hurricane (furacão) striking a strangely inverted Brazil. To represent this cosmos of identity construction in convulsive movement, the work contains different pieces of a gigantic comic that appears, fragmentary and spectacular, over the exhibit hall walls, previously covered from ceiling to floor in blank vignettes. And on some of these blank vignettes, different images are hung – mere indicators of the narration at hand.


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