The Estate of Anonymous (Translation III)

Estancias de Anonymous: The hidden wing

In this third chapter, the investigation of the spatial narration concept takes the form of a large walk-in sculpture, the entrance to which includes a backlit sign which, in accordance with the typical design of a novel cover, announces that which is hidden within -- the secret and imaginary nature of the visit that the spectator is about to make. In fact, the title of this third chapter is a double reference, referring on the one hand to Landor´s Cottage (1850), the final short story written by Edgar Allan Poe, while also referencing The System of Landor´s Cottage (1986), by Rodney Graham, a re-reading or extension of Poe's story. This hidden wing, mentioned in the cited works, fills the imagination of Anonymous, utilizing exhibition parameters having archaeological references with built-in ground lighting and tile buildings-ruins in the interior walls, establishing a pathway of the protagonist's entrails-- tile fragments with looping motifs that cover part of the site's interior.


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