The Estate of Anonymous (Translation II)

Estancias de Anonymous

Instalations by Carlos Miranda based on writings by Polaroid Star
In the second chapter, Estancias de Anonymous delves into the heart of "narrativization" of space and differed representation, using the "house" metaphor to present a subject in a state of continuous construction and ruin. Thus, by using a domestic figure like the tiled wall, with illustrated dry rope tile modules on a wall in distinct forms that extend from Polaroid Star phototexts, the printed page is transformed into a constructive structure that moves from the abstract plane of the text to the concrete plane of the sculpture. The projection of the textual story on the wall is carried out using complex modular designs– tracings reminiscent of the "hardline" drawing tradition of certain comics– made on enamelled ceramic tiles that are multiplied to form unspeakable loops. Once again, the concept of narration fragmentation decentralizes the use of walls meeting the ceiling corners or ground up compositional creations, leaving large, empty wall canvases that confine the visual information of the tiles, ambiguously in ruins or under construction.


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